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28/2/2012 Tuesday

Dear Diary,

(Warning this gonna be a long journal post)

A few days ago me and my friends got a vaccination to prevent tetanus at school. But after the vaccination, suddenly I felt weak, light-headed and my legs felt like they're made of jelly, and then when I strengthen myself to return to my class, BAM. I fell on the ground. But I didn't faint although I lost my energy but my consciousness is still there. Fainting means losing conciousness, right? Everyone who passed by was like "WTF" and gathered at my side. I don't know whether they gathered around just to be a busybody or a superhero for me. But I was touched on how my friends and teachers showed their concern for me.

OMG. Nippon Ichi with their awesomeness. I watched the whole Tyrant Valvatorez DLC story mode and I can't stop saying OMG. For anyone who doesn't know about it yet, it's about how Tyrant Valzy met Fenfen from Fenfen's point of view (POV). For anyone who can't understand japanese when watched it, let me explain the whole situation:

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Last Part:…

Fuuka, Desco, Emizel and Artina wondered how Valzy and Fenfen met, so they asked Fenfen about it. Fenfen refused to tell them, much to their dismay. Luckily, Fuuka got an idea. She called Valzy and tell him about their curiosity about how Valzy and Fenfen met. In the end, they managed to persue Fenfen to tell them their past. Fenfen told them that he met Valzy because of his client's request: "Tyrant Valvatorez asassination".

Fenfen will be paid for 1000 HL for killing Tyrant Valzy by his client, Minotaurus, a gunnerman. He requested Fenfen to kill Tyrant Valzy so that he can conquer the world in Tyrant Valzy's place. As Fenfen was searching around for Tyrant Valzy, Tyrant Valzy was confronted by some thugs. Fenfen offered to assist him in battle so that he can kill him faster. As Tyrant Valzy asked Fenfen for his name, it was revealed that Fenfen is an infamous person under the alias of "Moonlight Fang". After they battled altogether, Tyrant Valzy thanked Fenfen, must to his shock.

Fenfen became hesistant to kill him. He informed to Minotaurus that he had failed. Minotaurus punished Fenfen by firing an energy absorbing attack which weakening Fenfen. To make things worse, the moonlight which is the energy source for werewolves cannot reach him because of their place. As Minotaurus wanted to kill Fenrich, Tyrant Valzy appeared out of blue to save Fenfen. I think what happened here is Tyrant Valzy must have realized something wrong with Fenfen so he transformed into a bat and followed him.

Minotaurus shot three times to kill Fenfen but Tyrant Valzy took the shots for him, much to their surprise. Tyrant Valzy fleed away with Fenfen safely from Minotaurus. Fenfen was furious torwards Tyrant Valzy for this, because although Tyrant Valzy is a demon and a tyrant, he believes in friendship and trust that he would save Fenfen. Tyrant Valzy stated his reason why he acted like this because he is a noble demon. Fenfen started to feel amused torwards Tyrant Valzy (love at first sight??).

Tyrant Valzy and Fenfen had a rematch with Minotaurus, but this time Tyrant Valzy destroyed the roof of Minotaurus's place so the moonlight can reach Fenfen. After the battle, Fenfen became fond torwards Tyrant Valzy for his deeds and then began to swear his loyalty torwards him for the rest of his life and would sacrifice himself for Tyrant Valzy's sake. This is the first time he said "Subete ga Waga Aruji no Tame ni/All is for my lord", and swore under the full moon that he would swear loyalty to no one except Tyrant Valzy and he will do anything to make Tyrant Valzy conquer the world. And then the credits roll... OMG. The credits pic. And  the song "Naked Requiem" is played. Here is the english translation:

The eternally dawning sky, a fleeting love reborn,
Even if your voice fades, I will still follow you.

(First Verse)
You don't have a battle cry any more,
Your fangs are rotten, your winged body is alone.
You see the light of tomorrow,
And look for humans to bite with your thorny fangs.
I remember the wind, and your cold lips.

(Second Verse)
Someday you will see the world
as just a dream we both had.
Our instant connection began with a whisper.

Your cheek, wet with tears
I gently kiss.
Thinking of your maddening kindness, I sigh
and my heart shakes.
The bare moon's inspection
and the veil of light it creates while I'm still thinking of that-
I thought I saw you, but it's just a mirage.
I want one more dance with you, even if it doesn't mean anything.



For anyone here who is a ValFen shipper who want to see Valfen related fanart or doujin, please visit these awesome links:

Nami-Tsuki's ValFen fanarts:…
Tsukiko's ValFen fanarts:…

P.S: For Tsukiko's, click on the red boxes at the left side and an image will appear.
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